More Than a School for Troubled Teens – A Home Away from Home

Hawk’s Landing is not a typical school for troubled teens in that it is not a boarding school where residents live, attend class and interact solely within the confines of the campus. Rather, Hawk’s Landing, founded in 2006 by John and Julia Schrom, provides an environment closer to full community immersion with the support system of a residential therapeutic situation.

Custom Tailored Programs

Hawk’s Landing is a residential care facility for boys, aged 13 to 17, who exhibit mild to moderate social, emotional and/or learning issues. Students attend public school and engage, interact and assimilate into the world at large while living in a home that provides the safety and therapeutic guidance they need to mature.

Students are supported by custom tailored programs designed by a licensed clinical therapist and implemented by a team of caring, well-trained staff.

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The Hawk’s Landing Team

Dan Tadlock, LCSW Therapist


Prior to becoming the owner-director of Hawk’s Landing, Dan spent eight years at a prominent Northwest therapeutic boarding school, where he served in various roles including Clinician, Senior Therapist, Clinical Supervisor, Director of Family Services and ultimately Clinical Director. In addition to three years as a wilderness therapist, Dan has private practice experience as well as experience in community out-patient therapy. In this capacity, Dan learned how to manage all aspects of residential clinical care for at-risk adolescents. He and his wife Sara also worked together as home parents for more than two years in a residential treatment center, where they managed the safety and well-being of an average of 16 to 20 children ages 13 to 18.

Therapeutic Approach

Dan believes that the most important part of any successful therapeutic intervention is establishing a positive and supportive relationship with the student. The small, intimate environment at Hawk’s Landing is ideal for building these critically important relationships where students gain confidence and a belief in their ability to change.

Dan is trained in a number of clinical treatment modalities, though his therapeutic approach most often relies on a combination of motivational interviewing, solution-focused problem solving and cognitive behavior techniques.

Skills, Education & Credentials:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Clinical Supervisor, Idaho
  • Over 20 Years Training Focused on Adolescent Clinical Intervention
  • Previously Certified EMT & Ropes Course Instructor, Lead Field Guide, Wilderness First Aid (WFR), Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI)
  • Former Board Member, Rocky Mountain Region — NATSAP
  • Former Board Member, National Ethics Committee — NATSAP
  • Presenter at Regional and National NATSAP conferences as well as at the Wilderness Therapy Symposium
  • Bachelor of Science Degree, Sociology – Brigham Young University
  • Masters of Social Work – Eastern Washington University

Sara Tadlock

Owner/Chief Operating Officer

Co-owner and chief operating officer Sara Tadlock, is the managerial force behind Hawk’s Landing success, as well as our public-school liaison. Using her background in education, she maintains open lines of communication with Bonner’s Ferry High School in order to coordinate the educational needs of our students with the school’s available resources and offerings. As a former Bonner’s Ferry substitute teacher, Sara has a long-established and mutually-supportive working relationship with the Bonner’s Ferry School District.

Sara provides practical and emotional support (and home cooked meals) to our students with the aim of helping them become their very best selves.

Sara is the mother of four sons and has a bachelor of science degree in secondary education with a major in health and a minor in math from Brigham Young University.

Mick Taylor

Student Life Counselor/Day Staff

As a student life counselor at Hawk’s Landing, Mick Taylor puts his skills as a small farm operator to good use, providing mentorship and instruction for our on-site animal stewardship programs.

Prior to joining the Hawk’s Landing team, Mick had over 5 years experience working in a prominent therapeutic boarding school in a supervisory role. With a BA and MA in Jazz Percussion from the University of New Orleans, Mick is a highly skilled musician and has toured with a number of well-known acts. As a music instructor working with students of all ages, Mick specialized in helping students overcome personal blocks and plateaus – a skill that has translated well in his counseling work at Hawk’s Landing. Mick brings a personal tenacity and skill as an avid outdoorsman to the Hawk’s Landing team that is inspiring for both students and staff – he has hiked the entire length of New Zealand and 2,000 kilometers of the Andes, in addition to numerous multi-day backpacking trips at closer locales.

A lifelong learner, Mick recently earned his pilot’s license.

John Heigel

Student Life Counselor/Day Staff

John Heigel joined the Hawk’s Landing team in 2017 as a day-shift student-life counselor. John uses his love of the outdoors and background in education and science to provide Hawk’s Landing students with the support and guidance they need to grow in freedom and responsibility. John’s duties include role-modeling, mentorship, and maintaining a structured environment. He promotes the general well-being of students by helping them build the communication skills that contribute to problem-solving and healthy emotional response. John also provides practical support to students by driving them to extra-curricular activities, sports games, practices and other off-site activities.

John has a bachelor’s of science degree in microbiology from Brigham Young University and spent several years working in a lab as a microbiologist before becoming a middle school science teacher and ultimately joining the Hawk’s Landing team.

Lon Jacobson

Student Life Counselor/Night Staff

As a member of the Hawk’s Landing night staff, Lon Jacobson is responsible for site security and maintaining the well-being of students overnight and in the event of an emergency. He is a father of ten, and, when not at Hawk’s Landing, runs a bird breeding company that he manages with his wife.

Tiffany Heigel

Student Life Counselor/Night Staff

As a member of the Hawk’s Landing night staff, Tiffany Heigel is responsible for site security and maintaining the well-being of students overnight and in the event of an emergency. She is a mother of two children, and her background includes working as a youth program volunteer.

So Many Opportunities

Sports & Outdoors

  • Mountain Biking
  • Snowboarding/Skiing
  • Skateboarding
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Cross Country
  • Track
  • Golf
  • Lacrosse
  • Wrestling
  • Weightlifting
  • Boating
  • Frisbee golf
  • Outdoor Exploration

Animal Therapy

  • Pigs and Chickens
  • Vegetable Garden/Alfalfa Field
  • 4-H
  • Future Farmers of America
  • House Dog and Cat

Academic & Vocational

  • Tutoring
  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Dual/Online Enrollment with North Idaho College
  • Yearbook
  • Drama
  • Choir
  • National Honor Society
  • Robotics
  • Student Council
  • Welding and Metal Work
  • Woodshop
  • Small Gas Engine Repair
  • Robotics
  • Autoshop
  • Agricultural Sciences (FFA, 4H)
  • Drivers Ed

Hawk’s Landing residential program provides customized, clinically-based therapies for teen boys with mild to moderate emotional, social and/or learning difficulties.

Hawk’s Landing is listed as a “Top Rehabilitation and Treatment Specialist” from the University of Washington.

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